Sunday, April 3, 2011

Talking Points #8 Final Project Ideas

What I am thinking on researching is maybe teenage pregnancy , teenagers and the mall or prom. Im not quite sure, but I think I am going to begin a little research and see what I find, and what has the most information. I think teenagers at the mall is a good one, I worked in retail for 6 years, and working friday and saturday nights at a mall was the most annoying thing ever, because of the teenagers. The funny thing about that is when I first started working retail I think i was either 16 or 17, a teenager myself and I remember listening, and watching the teenagers walking back and forth from 5 pm to mall closing and thinking to myself like... are they serious right now?? Ha. Anyway, I still have friends who work retail, and i'm thinking maybe interviewing them with a few questions about it?? Or doing an observational study , where I go to the mall and watch them for a period of time? Here are a few things to observe:
* What are they talking about?
* more girls or boys? Mixed groups?
* What are they wearing
* What are they drinking/eating
* Language?
* Making any purchases?
* Cell Phones?!
Cant wait to hear about the other topics people are thinking of....see you Tues.

I can not figure out how to make videos show up on my blog?! But here are some URL's copy and paste them if you want to watch some videos I found on youtube of what teens do at the mall!


Lauren said...

I think this is a great idea Taylor. I remember going to the mall on Friday nights in 8th grade with my best friend, sister and boyfriend and his friends. It was what we did back then but kind of funny thinking about it now because we bought a few things like a pretzel from Auntie Anne's and maybe a lip gloss or something small but just went for the social aspect of it I guess... Now if I have to go to the mall on a Friday night to pick something up quick I dread it!

Clit Crusader said...

1) I like your ideas and think you should look at Teen Mom or something. I wrote a final paper including it last semester. And two, I had the same problem with youtube recently but if you click "embed" and copy and paste that code in and switch to "html view" and then back to regular to make sure it's there that should work.