Monday, March 28, 2011

Talking Points #7 - Hip Hop Mass Media - 21st century colonization

Part one pf article- This author, Jared A. Ball, talks about his take on 21st century colonization and its influences. The way the media intuprets "Black America" is different than it actually is. As far as the music industry is concerned, they would only take what the want out of it, and not everything that is offered from it. " the pervasiveness of self/community-directed violemce, misogyny, conspicuos, consunption, product placemenr promotion, and general lack of ingenuity in popular hip-hop is the aforementioned specific systemic need produced systematically via its media representative, in this case, the music industry." What Ball is saying here basically is that the people involved in the music industry essesntially have the say in exactly what it is they want to promote, hear, the content involived and the direction of the music. Music that does not fit the "political" expectations of how they want it, is thrown away. Ball says that this is an exmaple of how it affects the black colony because it sets of speceifc image of them, that sometimes isn't even the case. He says we live in a culture that the "primary component of mecanism of social control, that which becomes "pop culture" is fraudulent in that it is forced." Moreover, because of mass media and ideology, the "black colony" has been unable to to improve its popularity and overall sucess because that population and of greater society remains intact, not allowing it to suceed. what it all comes down to who has the power, and what their doing with it. Its all "intentionally" done.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Talking Points #6 - GLEE

I do enjoy watching Glee, whenever I catch it on or hear about it i am always interested. I think the show gives the audience a little humor, with some other underlying images of teens. I do think the show, most of the time is some what unrealistic, but the makers of the show had to have got the ideas for each show from somewhere, and that it real teenage life styles. The cast is typically a bunch of high school misfits who all seem to have some kind of flaw or issue they are trying to deal with. Do I think in reality that that particular group of kids would ever be that close and friendly with one another? No absolutely not. Those kids would know of one another but freely and willingly hang out with one another I just don't think is very likely. Jocks are way to busy with their sport(s) to sing and be part of a glee club, cheerleaders are too busy cheering on the jocks, and the punk it too busy in the office, the geek is way to busy studying, and so on. Glee kids or musical kids are just that, they don't do 40835843 others things, or maybe they do, I have personally never seen it. By high school I think that kids typically know what it is they like and what they want to do with their spare time. When they are younger that is a time to do many activities and figure out what it is that they like or enjoy the must.

More over I would like to relate glee to scawmp. The majority of the cast is straight, with a few exceptions and some uncertainties. In Never been kissed, christianity is out in the open showing the religious figures in the scenes with the blonde guy and girl cheerleader characters. And some of the girls at the school not allowing the boys to do anything but kiss them. The cast for the most part is white again with a few exceptions which seems to be the common theme within the series. Typical, yet with a few exceptions. Everyone seems to be able bodied besides obviously the boy in the wheel chair. The families seem to be financially stable for the most part and have their own living spaces and properties which suggests they are allbalanced. financially
I guess I do think the show does show a bit too much at times, but for the most part I feel like the show itself is on the right page, it defiantly focuses on topics that teenagers today are faced with, using humor and musical as a different approach to each situation. I think from watching the show one can assume that not all teenagers are the same and I think people consider all teens to be represented under the same bracket, when that is not always the case at all.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Digital LIfe youtube link

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I can not figure out how to get my digital life video on YOUTUBE.... from imovie i clicked share and uploaded to youtube and it gives me a youtube link and my video does not show....someone HELP?