Sunday, April 17, 2011

Talking Points #10 TWILIGHT! extended comments to LEXI!

So I am going to consider myself somewhat of a hypocrite for this post, only because I truly enjoyed reading lexi's post on twilight but, I have some background behind this whole twilight ordeal. No one talked more trash about twilight than I when it first came out and everyone was going crazy over it including my friends, nieces, sisters, cousins, and well, some moms that I saw on t.v. I would come up with anything possible to shoot down twilight because from the outside looking in I thought it was pathetic. So one summer evening out of boredom I decided to put Twilight on, and I have to admit I instantly fell in love and read all of the books in like a month. All of my spare times consisted of reading those books. YIKES. Never thought I would publicly admit that butttttttttttt then again, reading a blog post like Lexi's seems to remind me that, well maybe I was right the first time it is pathetic. Did i mention that I have a huge framed poster of Edward Cullen in my room?

Anyway, I think that Lexi brought up some great points on her blog, some of which never actually crossed my mind before. I thought that her point about Bella as loosing her independence is in fact a true statement, and Lexi's examples on this totally persuaded me as to believing so. I also never picked up on him "forcing" her to do things, probably because I always figured she should have been doing those things anyway like going to prom and applying to college, so I never really thought of it like Lexi did. And I actually did pick up on the whole Bella being non existent whenever Edward wasn't in her life, and I do not think that is a good look for young girls watching the movie at all. It just tells them that in a man in their life leaves or isnt around to basically give up on themselves. I know that my 12 year old neice is only allowed to watch the first movie and thats it, but I dont think mentally she even realizes half or any of these bad messages.....yet. I still do believe that Bella does show signs of her independence but I also do think that her independence is overcome a lot of the time because of Edward. As far as the books being for teens that does horrify me, because I feel like its not appropriate for teens? But I think when I was a teen, things now are different with teens. And that was really only a short time ago.

The video at the end of Lexi's blog was funny, and everyone should watch it!

<------ shirt i made/wore to new moon haha opps.


Amanda said...

I can't wait to hear what you think about all of this. You seem to be a fan so I wonder how you interpret the meanings and the portrayals in this film. Like I said in my blog, I think it is really difficult to sit and pick apart something that you like.

Alexis Renae said...

thank you so much for extending on my blog!

I think it's so interesting to critically look at something you enjoy so much, because of the secret education Christensen discussed, you know? I really look forward to hearing you discuss this!

PS: You are not pathetic for having an Edward Cullen poster!

Jasmine Scott said...

great post Taylor, i think its cool hat you have opened up to the movie and now actually love it. ive never been a fan of twilight either, but unfortunately i still dont like it lol