Monday, March 28, 2011

Talking Points #7 - Hip Hop Mass Media - 21st century colonization

Part one pf article- This author, Jared A. Ball, talks about his take on 21st century colonization and its influences. The way the media intuprets "Black America" is different than it actually is. As far as the music industry is concerned, they would only take what the want out of it, and not everything that is offered from it. " the pervasiveness of self/community-directed violemce, misogyny, conspicuos, consunption, product placemenr promotion, and general lack of ingenuity in popular hip-hop is the aforementioned specific systemic need produced systematically via its media representative, in this case, the music industry." What Ball is saying here basically is that the people involved in the music industry essesntially have the say in exactly what it is they want to promote, hear, the content involived and the direction of the music. Music that does not fit the "political" expectations of how they want it, is thrown away. Ball says that this is an exmaple of how it affects the black colony because it sets of speceifc image of them, that sometimes isn't even the case. He says we live in a culture that the "primary component of mecanism of social control, that which becomes "pop culture" is fraudulent in that it is forced." Moreover, because of mass media and ideology, the "black colony" has been unable to to improve its popularity and overall sucess because that population and of greater society remains intact, not allowing it to suceed. what it all comes down to who has the power, and what their doing with it. Its all "intentionally" done.


Dante said...

Taylor - It seems to me that much of what you talk about here can be said of any underrepresented group. The dominant ideology and culture picks and chooses what they want from each expression of the minority and then throws the rest away.