Monday, April 11, 2011

Talking points#9 How Being a Good Girl can Be Bad for Girls extended comments on Melissa M's blog

After reading through some of the Talking Points 9 posts, I really enjoyed reading Melissa's. She brought up some good points, and she also incorporated links, and videos to support her suggestions, which made reading it that much better. After reading Bad Girls, Good Girls I also thought of the whole Miley Cyrus ordeal over her bad girl image, and I thought that was all so ridiculous. But for Miley's situation, what I think made it worse was because she became famous off of a disney show, so she always has the connection stuck to her back through disney, and disney characters, and girls are not supposed to look like she did when she came out with that video.

As far as Alice in Wonderland is concerned, I did not think of Sue Slyvester as an example to relate to Alice in Wonderland but I did laugh a little when you did mention her because I don't think one would ever really think to put these two characters together in some kind of relation. Watching the clip Melissa posted of Sue from Glee is funny too, her character in the show is great! " Let me buy a small diaper for your chin because it looks like a baby's ass!" HAHA! Moreover I agree with Melissa when she says " I notice that the villain female characters in texts are often dominant and contain some male characteristics. I think of Sue Sylvester too. " I agree with Melissa too when she brings up similar points between the villain and Sue. She says that neither of them have males in their life, so maybe that is why they feel as though the have to take on some of the male dominant roles.
Before having to watch it for class, I have never seen or heard of Atlanta. I have to say I actually did like watching it, kind of? It was slow, but I almost feel as though I knew that outcome of what was going to happen 50 seconds into watching it. Between Atlanta and Alice it just goes to show young girls that they can do whatever they set their minds to despite the stereotypes and societal norms, no matter what time period of circumstances.
I think Melissa using Christina A video " cant hold us down" was also a very good idea. This song tells a good message but what I do find ironic about it is that the females in the video are wearing short shorts and tiny fitted shirts? So I am not exactly sure how they don't like being called names when there dressed that way? But anyway! I think Melissa did a great job anaylzing this article and relating the topics above.

" And thats how Sue "C's" it."